Thursday, May 14, 2009

celcom oh celcom

kali ney bukan nk komplen.. tp nk marah diri sendiri atas kealpaan dgn kehidupan duniawi.. eceh, menyampes plak haku nk type ney.. ekekek.. =P~

oh this morning, along smsed me asking for something.. then i straight away replied her sms, but cannot go through.. failed! why? yess... because my phone line been barred! mind u, barred! hehe.. overlimit, i should say.. usually, my husband will pay some amount for my acc, and i will topup some money to settle the bill.. but, for the previous 3 months, i didn't do so.. why again? yes, because saya kealpaan dgn kehidupan duniawi.. ekekek.. lupe la..

so pg ney cecepat bayar, patu call celcom centre.. suh depa unbar line ku itu.. susah nnti nk wat call.. da la aku lately ney rajin plak dok call kakak aku.. patu asek sms je time opis hour.. oops! kantoi sudah.. *peace*

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