Thursday, May 28, 2009

when someone talking about u

and it was about the good thing of me.. =)

dan saya akan rasa suke.. sgt suke.. hehe.. cuz she is someone that i have never meet and i know her sbb saya kwn suami nya.. owh, it's a very long story.. the important thing now, we are all happy with our lives.. =)

the list below, taken from sid's.. kitorg pnah chat via YM few times before.. sebelum masing2 end up menjadi super women yg busy.. hehe..

1. err I’ve never meet her in person..but I think she seems nice.
2. she’s actually a friend to veder,which make her automatically become a fren of mine also.=p
3. orang tampin.
4. UKM grad.
5. she n her husband adalah sungguh berdasarkan hasil stalking saya melalui blog mereka.hehe.

i keep on reading the last one.. yes, correct.. the very no 5 point.. i love when people thought that my marriage life is great, and me and him made a very lovey-dovey couple, couple made from heaven..?? ehee.. it's not just thought, it's true man.. we really are happy, every now n then.. thank you Allah for the blessed marriage life.. moga kekal ke akhirnya.. oh, ttbe rs nk nanges.. apekah? =P~

tu je la nk ckp.. ekekke.. poyo lagi skali.. hehehe.. ntah ape motif entry ney pun aku tetaw.. isk isk isk..

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sid said...

my pleasure..=)