Wednesday, April 15, 2009 tag! hehhee..

**mcm ramai je kwn eh.. aku rs tag ney x pnah buat kot.. moh le kite ye.. =P~

**current mood - missing encik suami..

1) When was your engagement?
March 22, 2008

2) When is your marriage anniversary?
December 12, 2009

3) How long have you know your spouse?
This May 1, will be our 4th year.. =)

4) How long did you date before you got engaged?
emm.. i guess like 3years kot..

5) Where did you meet your spouse?
haha.. dont laugh.. mIRC.. hey, told u dont laugh!!~~

6) What is your spouse's full name?
Mohamed Khairullail yang handsome.. serious, dkt i/c diek buh centu.. ekekek.. =P~

7) Do you have any children?
Not yet.. soon insyaAllah.. =)

8) How many?
wuu wuu.. our target? 5 je kot.. hehe..

9) Do you have any pets?
euh! nope! eh2, we have fishes in the aquarium at home..

10)Do you own or rent?
both.. now renting an apartment before our house siap this June kot.. x sabar2 nk pindah rumah sendiri.. *wINk*

11)Do you live in the country, city/town?
Town area, kot.. hehe..

12)What is your favourite activity you do together?
tgk tv, main internet, cooking, kemas2 rumah, jalan2..

13)Do you have a favourite vacation spot?
Bukit Jambul? haha, encik suami suke sgt.. sbb nk beli cartridge printer.. =P~

14)How many siblings do you have incl. in laws?
4+5 = 9 =)

15) What mosque do you attend?
ttbe rasa insaf.. lama nye x pegi masjid.. pdhal 5 menet je dr opis.. surau dkt opis rajin la.. hehe..

16)Is this the mosque you got married in?
nope2.. we were tying the knot at my very own parents' house..

17) What town is your current address?
Bayan Lepas

18) Do you work or stay at home?
work.. work.. work.. and always work.. =)

19)Where did you go for your honeymoon?
ha? aku marah dgn soklan ney.. aku belum pegi honeymoon daaa.. dush dush.. =P~

20) Leave a piece of marriage advice
It's a fun and great plus bless wedded life.. Enjoying every seconds w/o fail, regardless of ups and downs.. loving each other and the most important, bersyukur ke hadrat Ilahi atas semua kurniaanNya.. alhamdulillah.. =)

**shoot.. now i miss my lovely encik suami very much.. =(

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haslina razali said...

aku amik eh boring tahap cipan dah ni rasa nak golek golek from one corner to the other....tau punyalah boring mega...